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Message from President

"We connect the world with smiles"


Toshiharu Takiguchi

President / CEO

21 st of March, 2023

Toshiharu Takiguchi


Dear all.

I`m Toshiharu Takiguchi, President of "K" Line (Chile) LTDA.

Since our company was established in Chile in 1972,

we have been supporting Chile's economy, trade,

and improving people's lives through shipping and logistics.

Our mission is to connect the world with smiles.

In Chile, we are also committed to connecting Chile with the world,

connecting our customers' wishes with the world,

and connecting the past 50 years with future.

Corona has spread around the world after 2020,

but we have overcome this crisis with our trusted crew members to support to all Chileans.


We are also committed to environmental protection,

and are promoting the operation of vessels using natural gas, biofuels, ammonia,

and hydrogen instead of heavy oil as fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by utilizing natural energy

such as wind power, and automated operation using AI.


You can count on us for logistics solutions in Chile.

“K”Line (Chile) LTDA. will continue to strive to be a bridge between Chile and the world.

Thank you for your continued support.

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