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Message from President

"We connect the world with smiles"

image CEO

Toshiharu Takiguchi

President / CEO

Dear All.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your preference and trust,

Customers like you inspire us to go further, thank you for choosing us.

The jacaranda flowers, which announce the arrival of summer,

turn the city a beautiful purple under the warm sunlight,

making the coronavirus pandemic that hit us so hard seem

as if it happened a long time ago.


Our company, Kawasaki Kisen, celebrated its 50th anniversary in Chile,

on the west coast of South America, closing a stage and opening the door to a new era.

We have also added new members to our company, the Captain KAI family.

The penguins born in southern Chile, who will be participating in various activities

as characters and will make the events a great success.

Kawasaki Kisen will continue to love Chile and support everyone who works in this great country.

We will do everything in our power to support you

through maritime transport, as well as logistics.

We hope to continue counting on your preference for our services and

by our new character Captain KAI"


My best wishes for 2024 to be a healthy and fruitful year for everyone.


Thank you so much

31 st of December, 2023

Toshiharu Takiguchi


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