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Message from President

"Aiming to be a trusted and loved company."


The year 2023 has begun.

It is the year of the rabbit in the Japanese zodiac.

We pray that, like the rabbit,

we will be able to overcome various difficulties,

and this year will be a year of breakthroughs.

“K”Line (Chile) LTDA celebrated the 50th anniversary.

Since our foundation, with the support of our many customers and business partners

we have been promoting our shipping and logistics business,

as a bridge between Chile and the rest of the world.


We are deeply grateful to all of our customers and business partners for their support.

We will continue to make Chile happy through shipping and logistics

and K LINE a part of Chilean culture.


Our elite staff will provide you with logistics services that meet your business needs.

We aim to be a company that is trusted and loved by our customers.




Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 9.34.58 AM.png

1 st of February,2023

Toshiharu Takiguchi


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