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News Releases in 2023

May 2023

2023/05/09 >> [Updated] Financial Highlights for FY2022

2023/05/08 >> Financial Highlights FY2022 were released.

2023/05/08 >> Financial al Highlights Brief Report for Fiscal Year 2022

2023/05/08 >> Financial Highlights for FY2022 

April 2023

2023/04/28 >> Regarding our Board Evaluation

2023/04/28 >> Changes of Executive Officers 

2023/04/28 >> Chenges of  Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

2023/04/26 >> “K” Line Maritime Academy Obtains New Certification from ClassNK for Ship Handling Simulator Training
2023/04/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated

2023/04/14 >> “K” LINE Participates in a Consortium to Study the Offloading of Liquefied CO2 from Shipboard CO2 Capturing Systems  (128KB) 

2023/04/05 >> Introduction movie of “WIND EXPO 2023 Spring”  (190KB) 

March 2023

2023/03/31 >> “K” LINE Chile Holds 50th Anniversary Ceremony  (214KB) 

2023/03/30 >> Start of Operations of New General Dry Warehouse in Bangkok  (227KB) 

2023/03/29 >> Notice Regarding Completion of Cancellation of Treasury Stock  (565KB) 

2023/03/29 >> Completion of Acquisition of Shares in Atlas Corp. by a Consortium Including an Equity Method Affiliate  (218KB) 

2023/03/28 >> NEDO Demonstration Project: Demonstration Test Ship for Liquefied CO2 Transportation has been Launched.  (263KB) 

2023/03/24 >> Notice Regarding the Status and Completion of Own Share Repurchase  (388KB) 

2023/03/24 >> Shipping Market Information Updated 

2023/03/24 >> Introduction movie of “Navigation Support System”~Autonomous Ship with Safe and Intelligent Supporting Technology~  (122KB) 

2023/03/24 >> “K” LINE Holds Global IT Conference 2023  (221KB) 

2023/03/23 >> “Seawing” Automated Kite System to be Installed on CORONA CITRUS, a Coal Carrier for Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.  (154KB) 

2023/03/17 >> “K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “Supplier Engagement Leader”  (153KB)

2023/03/16 >> Crew Development Seminar in India ― With the Theme, “Changing Forward” ―  (292KB)

2023/03/14 >> Notice Concerning Revisions to the Remuneration System for Executives  (296KB)

2023/03/14 >> Notice Regarding Cancellation of Treasury Stock  (458KB)

2023/03/06 >> “K” LINE Starts Collaborative Research on Decarbonization with Anglo American  (242KB)

2023/03/03 >> Publication of ESG DATA BOOK 2022  (129KB)

2023/03/01 >> Notice Regarding the Status of Own Share Repurchase  (384KB)

February 2023

2023/02/28 >> Publication of FACTBOOK 2022 (Interim Updated)

2023/02/24 >> Shipping Market Information Updated

2023/02/22 >> Financial Highlights for FY2022 will be announced on May 8, 2023.

2023/02/22 >> “K” LINE Conducts Trial Use of Marine Biofuel on Capesize Bulker to Help Decarbonize the Shipping Industry  (146KB)

2023/02/17 >> “K” Line Group Exhibits at Wind Expo 2023  (226KB)

2023/02/15 >> Beware of suspicious website engaging in fraudulent solicitation using our company name “K” LINE  (101KB)

2023/02/13 >> The Signing Ceremony of Long-Term Contracts for Two Liquefied CO2 Carriers between “K” LINE and Northern Lights JV DA ~World’s first full scale CCS project~  (235KB)

2023/02/09 >> Disaster Relief for Victims of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria  (105KB)

2023/02/06 >> “K” LINE Posted CEO Message as CDP2022 “A List” Company  (128KB)

2023/02/03 >> Changes of Executive Officers  (159KB)

2023/02/03 >> Financial Highlights for 3rd quarter FY2022 were released.

2023/02/03 >> Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2022  (602KB)

2023/02/03 >> Notice on Revision to Dividend Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ending March 2023 (year-end dividend)  (160KB)

2023/02/01 >> Notice Regarding the Status of Own Share Repurchase  (234KB)

January 2023

2023/01/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated

2023/01/24 >> Donation of Protective Equipment for Pasig River Cleaners in the Philippines  (250KB)

2023/01/19 >> “K” LINE and KEPCO Signed MoU on the Joint Study of Liquefied CO2 Shipping for Developing CCS Value Chain  (117KB)

2023/01/05 >> Agreement for Research and Development of the “Safe Berthing/Unberthing Assist System” ~To improve safe ship operation and realize autonomous ships in the future~  (277KB)

2023/01/04 >> 2023 New Year Message from the President "As we enter a new stage, we shall each blaze new trails and build great momentum together"  (174KB)

2023/01/04 >> Notice Regarding the Status of Own Share Repurchase  (233KB)


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