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News Releases in 2020

December 2020

2020/12/28 >> Notice of the Third Quarter Financial forecast  (293KB)

2020/12/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated

2020/12/24 >> Ocean Network Express announces Letter of Intent for long-term charter of containerships2020/12/23Beware of Fake and Spoof Emails(Reposting)  (105KB)

2020/12/23 >> “K” LINE Held Safety Campaign Meetings 2020-2021~Online Meeting for opinion exchanges and Season’s greetings~  (240KB)


2020/12/22 >> Notice of completion of subsidiary share transfer  (106KB)


2020/12/14 >> “K” Line Selected for “Commendation Award” in the “Internet IR Award 2020”  (149KB)


2020/12/11 >> “K” LINE to Launch Safety Campaign 2020-2021~Unity for Safety~  (361KB)


2020/12/10 >> Video Release: “K” Line’s Seasonal Greetings to All Frontliners,Seafarers and Families (Christmas Version)  (362KB)


2020/12/09 >> “K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “A List 2020” on Climate Change―Earning Highest Rating “A” for Five Consecutive Years―  (148KB)


2020/12/07 >> Delivery of 100,000-dwt Bulk-Carrier "CAPE ACE"  (179KB)


2020/12/07 >> Participation in the “Japan Hydrogen Association”  (161KB)

November 2020


2020/11/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/11/17 >> “K” Line Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, a Leading Index for ESG Investment, for 10 consecutive years  (146KB)


2020/11/11 >> Certified for Cyber Security Management System in also Singapore  (184KB)


2020/11/05 >> Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2020 will be announced on February 3, 2021.


2020/11/05 >> Financial Highlights for 2nd quarter FY2020 were released.


2020/11/05 >> Financial Highlights for 2nd quarter FY2020  (363KB)


2020/11/05 >> Notice on Revised Forecast of Financial Results for Fiscal Year ending March 2021 and Dividend policy (No Interim Dividend)  (217KB)

2020/11/02 >> Grounding of a Bulk Carrier (No.2)  (104KB)

October 2023

2020/10/29 >> Grounding of a Bulk Carrier (No1)  (108KB)

2020/10/26 >> Shipping Market Information Updated

2020/10/23 >> Ocean transport of the first lot of railway coach to Myanmar completed~ the first Japanese brand-new coach since its democratization ~  (158KB)

2020/10/22 >> Online training for seafarers obtained DNV GL Certification  (245KB)


2020/10/21  >> First Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering business to commence in Japan~Supply eco-friendly fuel by first LNG bunkering vessel in Japan~  (383KB)


2020/10/20 >> Publication of “K” LINE REPORT 2020  (164KB)


2020/10/09 >> “K” Line Group Subsidiary Ship Management Company and Vessel Accredited for Cyber Security Management System  (187KB)

2020/10/08 >> “K” LINE received the letter of appreciation for providing free ocean transportation of fire engines and ambulances donated to the Republic of El Salvador.  (131KB)


2020/10/07 >> Conduct Emergency Response Drill  (249KB)

September 2020

2020/09/25 >> Publication of FACTBOOK 2020  (3,625KB)


2020/09/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/09/24 >> Notice on Differences between Consolidated Financial Forecasts for First Half of Fiscal Year ending March 2021  (194KB)


2020/09/18 >> Naming Ceremony Held for Japan’s First LNG Bunkering Vesse  (272KB)


2020/09/17 >> Notice of Financing through New Subordinated Loan and Early Repayment of Existing Subordinated Loan  (108KB)


2020/09/16 >> Corporate Governance Report  (985KB)


2020/09/04 >> Launch of Kobe/Kansai Hydrogen Utilization Council  (231KB)

August 2020


2020/08/31 >> World’s First Small-scale CO2 Capture Plant on Vessel ~“CC-Ocean” (Carbon Capture on the Ocean) Project~  (149KB)


2020/08/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/08/24 >> Construction of Next-Generation Environmentally-Friendly Car Carrier Fueled by LNG (3rd report) – Launched  (414KB)


2020/08/19 >> Seawing Design acquires Preliminary Approval from ClassNK ~ Contribution by reducing environmental footprint ~  (218KB)


2020/08/07 >> Notice of occurrence of extraordinary profit by transfer of subsidiary share  (144KB)


2020/08/05 >> Financial Highlights for 2nd Quarter FY2020 will be announced on November 5, 2020.


2020/08/05 >> Financial Highlights for 1st quarter FY2020 were released.

2020/08/05 >> Change of responsibility of an Executive Officer  (121KB)


2020/08/05 >> Financial Highlights for 1st quarter FY2020  (885KB)


2020/08/05 >> Notice on Prospects for Fiscal Year 2020  (195KB)

July 2020

2020/07/27 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/07/14 >> “K” Line Selected for FTSE4Good Index Series and FTSE Blossom Japan Index  (75KB)


2020/07/09 >> Participation in FPSO Owning and Chartering Business for Marlim II Project, Offshore Brazil  (247KB)


2020/07/07 >> “K” Line formulated the revised edition of “K” Line Environmental Vision 2050- Blue Seas for the Future -  (113KB)

June 2020


2020/06/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/06/23 >> Change of Representative Director  (140KB)




2020/06/08 >> “K” Line Holds Environmental Awards 2020 Ceremony  (279KB)

May 2020


2020/05/29 >> Notice of the 152nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  (665KB)


2020/05/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/05/20 >> Construction of Next-Generation Environmental-Friendly Car Carrier Fueled by LNG (2nd report) -Installed LNG fuel tank  (273KB)


2020/05/13 >> Japan’s First LNG Bunkering Vessel Launched — Operations to Begin in Autumn 2020  (279KB)


2020/05/11 >> Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2020 will be announced on August 5, 2020.


2020/05/11 >> Financial Highlights FY2019 were released. 


2020/05/11 >> Financial Highlights for FY2019  (853KB)


2020/05/11 >> Notice on Differences between Financial Forecasts and Results for the FY 2019, Record of Provision for Loss, and Dividend from Retained Earnings  (276KB)

April 2020


2020/04/30 >> Regarding Our Board Evaluation  (131KB)


2020/04/30 >> Change of Executive Officer  (176KB)


2020/04/30 >> Change of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members  (223KB)


2020/04/27 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/04/22 >> “K” Line to participate in the United Nations Global Compact  (91KB)


2020/04/20 >> Monthly Lifting Data of Ocean Network Express Updated


2020/04/08 >> MV「MILANO BRIDGE」hit Gantry Cranes at Pusan Newport  (128KB)


2020/04/07 >> “K”Line response to COVID-19 in Japan  (128KB)


2020/04/01 >> Notice on the Planned Recording of Extraordinary Loss on Valuation of Investment Securities  (209KB)

March 2020


2020/03/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/03/23 >> Monthly Lifting Data of Ocean Network Express Updated

February 2020


2020/02/25 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/02/20 >> Monthly Lifting Data of Ocean Network Express Updated


2020/02/10 >> “K” Line enters into Long-Term Time Charter with Petronas LNG Ltd. for Two Newbuilding LNG vessels  (183KB)


2020/02/06 >> Delivery of Coal Carrier “TOHOKU MARU” for Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.  (83KB)

January 2020


2020/01/31 >> Financial Highlights FY2019 will be announced on May 11, 2020. 


2020/01/31 >> Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2019 were released. 


2020/01/31 >> Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2019  (599KB)


2020/01/31 >> Changes of Representative Director and Executive Officers  (207KB)


2020/01/31 >> Change of Representative Director  (66KB)


2020/01/30 >> “K” Line to Provide Support for Those affected by the Australian Bushfires  (61KB)


2020/01/27 >> Shipping Market Information Updated


2020/01/21 >> “K” LINE Awarded CDP’s “A List 2019” on Climate Change ―Earning Highest Rating “A” for Four Consecutive Years―  (132KB)

2020/01/20 >> Monthly Lifting Data of Ocean Network Express Updated

2020/01/17 >> Beware of Fake and Spoof Emails  (97KB)

2020/01/06 >> 2020 New Year Message from the President “Moving forward with the aim of being customers’ first choice through enhanced Safety, Environment, and Quality”  (164KB)

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