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"K" Line Chile Ltda.

Safe and eco-friendly transportation, Marin, areal and land total logistics service.


"K" Line is committed to meeting the needs of our valued customers in order to grow up together.


With state of the art dedicated car carriers, we transport completely built up cars as well as construction machinery and static cargoes safely and swiftly all over the world.


We offer transport services for raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grain, woodchips and pulp.


Think globally,

Think K line Logistics.

For All Your Logistics Needs.

KAR Logistics S.A. began operations in Chile in May 2017, consisting of two global logistics experts. K Line, a leading Japanese company in all types of maritime vehicles and AGUNSA, a leading Chilean company in logistics, transport, storage and value-added services.


K Line Office

K Line provides the highest quality services and Logistic Solutions such as Transporting automobiles using pure car carriers (PCC), Bulk carriers, logistics, air and ocean freight forwarding.


Our corporate principle is to contribute to society as an integrated logistics company grown from shipping business so that people live well and prosperously.


The “K” LINE Group is aware that our business activities can impact on the global environment, therefore we set forth our strong determination in our environmental policy in order to minimize the impact of our business activities on the global environment.

K-Line 100th Anniversary Movie

K-Line 100th Anniversary Movie

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We always prepare the system to respond to a request from customers with

know-how accumulated over the years and global network.

Overseas offices

Domestic Japanese offices

22 countries worldwide

Capital cities 60 offices

13 prefectures

17 offices

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