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2nd prize. Miharu Arisaka.jpg

Award-Winning Works of
DGN Activity Paintings

First Prize

First prize. Catalina Cantillana

By Catalina Cantillana

Prize for Excellence

2nd prize. Miharu Arisaka

By Miharu Arisaka

Anabella Mejia

By Anabella Mejia

​Winning Works

Anabella Caro

By Anabella Caro

Xavier Pérez

By Xavier Pérez

Saira Saito

By Saira Saito

Oku Naohito

By Oku Naohito

Karin Yamada

By Karin Yamada

América Rosales

By América Rosales

Fernando Montupil

By Fernando Montupil

Anny Manosalva

By Anny Manosalva

Misaki Masuda

By Misaki Masuda

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